Democratic Party

Will Romney Use Race-Baiting Tactics?

African-Americans have been played cheap, politically. Republican politicians assume Black voters are naïve and blindly loyal to the Democratic Party. Black voters are neither blindly loyal or naïve. Instead, Black voters have followed their political interests even when those choices were limited. History provides the examples. The present election proves the point.

Jim Clyburn-ed


In the immortal words of civil rights legend, Fannie Lou Hamer, when will Blacks become “sick and tired of being sick and tired?”



Once again the Democratic Party has shown its disdain for the Black community and Black Democrats, as usual, just sit back and continue to allow it to happen.



Hope flailing

Desperate times calling for desperate measures still smell desperate, and that’s where we find the Democratic Party as it hurtles toward an uncertain future dictated by the 2010 midterm elections. In their desire to win by fighting fire with fire, Dems are more likely to end up getting burned – because half-truths are still part lies. And you can’t capture any moral high ground if your pants are on fire, or at least singed by flame.

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