Yeah, pretty rough, but Newt, ‘you know it’s true’

By Wayne Dawkins

Item: Newt Gingrich is “appalled” that a member of the news media Thursday asked him about his ex-wife’s ABC-News interview in which she claims he asked for an “open marriage” so he could have an affair with Congressional aide, Callista, who became his current wife.

Guest what? A number of observers are appalled – amused actually – that Gingrich has such a bottomless cup of chutzpa.

Really, the architect of scorched-earth attacks on political opponents when he led the Congressional Republicans in the 1990s is offended that his broken moral compass, seen in plain view, is being examined?

And why is Gingrich appalled that he getting another round of tough – and fair questions – from media representatives?

That said, has the GOP presidential candidate resumed communication with his hometown paper, the Atlanta Journal Constitution? Back in the ‘90s the congressman refused to answer their inquiries.

Why? Their cartoonist, Mike Luckovich, drew a caricature of Gingrich handing his first wife divorce papers to sign while she was in the hospital suffering from terminal cancer.

Ouch. That depiction was rough.

But as comedian Chris Rock liked to repeat with glee after referencing the latest example of hubris, “but you know it’s true!”